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Name:Roxy Lalonde // tipsyGnostalgic
Birthdate:Dec 4

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3 wies men, appearification, appletiini, blakc russian, blody mary, boozze, bourbon, brandy, cambord, cats, champange, coinntrau, complacency of the learned, cosmoplitna, dark fenestrology, ectobiology, gimlet, gin, grand marinineer, grassshopper, irish cofeer, isrsh car bomb, lichiduo, limmooncello, magnetohydrodynamics, maitai, manhattan, margarita, martinininii, midori suoe, mimomsa(mimosas drank w mom), mint juuuulep, mojito, mudzlide, ouoozo, pink lady, realy big gusn, rob roy, rum, sadachbia, sake bomb, sangriia, science, scotch, seabbreaze, seks on the beach, shery, skewdriver, tequila, triple secx, verrmouth, vodka, whisky, wizards, zazzerpan teh learned
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