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Roxy Lalonde

Basic Information

Birthday:December 4
Hometown:Carapacian colony #z1204ny
Family Members:Momdaughtre - Rose Lalonde
Son - Dave Strider
Relationship Status:It's Complicated
Interested In:N/A
Looking For:Friendship / Dating / A Relationship
Political Views:anti-batterbitch obvi
Religious Views:idk

Personal Information

Activities:tits awesome science all the time, pesterin dirk online n irl, datin, chillin w my momdaughtre, playing videogames, playing momtimez w davey
Interests:cats, science, video gamez, wizzards, appearification, earthbound, amateur astronomy, fanfiction, hackin, magnetohydrodynamics, crazy big guns, ectobiology, kittens, pikmin, dark fenestrology
Favorite Music:mutini is startin a meow band
Favorite TV Shows:winter sontta, la madrastra, lbr havent seen alot of tv b4 now
Favorite Movies:sweet bro and hella jeff movovies by dave strider
Favorite Bookscomplacency of the learned by rose lalonde
Favorite Quotations:"we become aware of the void
as we fill it"
About Me:if u have never drank a bottle of tequila and told a pumpkin about ur problems
well i feel sry 4 u

Contact Information

Mobile Phone:+880-834-314-7765
Address:East 304
City/Town:New Moore

Education and Work

High School:New Moore High School - '15
Time Period:May 2012 - current


Member Of:Paradox Pizza Pals, New Moore High School Science Club, God Tier Club, WANNA HUG ALL OF THEM BUT I CANT- CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT, New Moore Women for Sobriety, Donate to Paws! Today!.

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